Ambition and ideas

Café Neuro York belongs to the people who attend and those who want to get involved. We plan to develop what we offer based on the ideas and needs of people with neurological conditions.

Over the next few years we plan to develop Café Neuro York to offer more to those who attend and support more people. We were delighted that in 2022 we secured a grant from Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust York Committee which helped us:

  • employ a ‘worker’ to help develop and expand our existing cafés
  • improve our marketing to reach more people
  • run an event (21 September 2023) to raise awareness of the cafés
  • get more volunteers involved to support our activities
  • work with others to ensure services, shops and cafés in York better understand disabilities, particularly hidden disabilities, and can provide better services.

If you have ideas about what Café Neuro York could be doing, please get in touch