Many people with a long-term neurological condition have to cope with significant changes to their lives. They have not only the physical and sometimes cognitive changes to deal with but also social, vocational and psychological changes that have a profound impact on wellbeing. The cognitive changes may also alter their ability to solve problems and manage seemingly routine daily activities, and their coping has, in effect, been ‘top sliced’. Additionally, they may need financial help and have to ‘justify’ their need for support, including financial support through the benefits system. This can be very demoralising with an impact of mental wellbeing and feelings of self-worth.

Café Neuro York will provide vital psychological and social support to people with a long-term neurological condition. We aim to support the person rather than focusing on the condition or disability.

Café Neuro York is somewhere to share experiences, get advice, talk about difficulties so people do not feel alone and offer activities that enhance the feeling of inclusion and achievement.  We aim to address the five keys aspects of mental wellbeing (World Health Organisation model) of feeling connected to other people who have a common understanding; being as active as possible; experiencing new activities and learning from each other which includes giving to others; and an opportunity to engage with their surroundings including mindfulness.

Hear trustee, Diana Toseland, talk about Cafe Neuro York to Fran and Donna from SJP Law.

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Final annual report 2021 – 2022

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