Welcome to Café Neuro York

Café Neuro York is a way for people with of affected by neurological conditions to meet others in a relaxed and supportive environment. We aim to provide psychological and social support for anyone with or affected by any neurological condition, their family or friends.

We offer face-to-face opportunities for people to meet up, running monthly evening and daytime cafés. In time we hope to offer other opportunities for people to get together and get support.

In 2022, we were delighted to be supported by a grant from Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust York Committee. The funding will help us develop the cafés and other activities.

Café Neuro York is

  • • a place to meet like-minded people
    • a place where you feel less isolated
    • a social place to meet other people who understand as they have been there before
    • a quiet space where you can relax
    • a place to get information and ideas and to share what you know
    • a place to find out about other things happening in York
    • somewhere to learn more about wellbeing; contentment, and engagement with the world
    • a place to learn more about the five steps to mental wellbeing: being connected with others, remaining active and engaged, keeping or learning new skills, giving to others, and being mindful
    • your place and you can help us to shape it to be exactly what you need

Please note Café Neuro York can’t provide any medical care or emergency support.

Please visit the others who can help page for appropriate contact details.